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About Us

Stuart Pitman has been in the carpentry and general building business for nearly 20 years, gaining experience, skills and qualifications all along the way. Unlike a rolling stone, he’s gathered plenty of moss in the form of a reputation for delivering top quality workmanship, a friendly and obliging disposition, and finishing projects on time and on budget.

A few years ago, Stuart started his own business, which is based in his home town of Malmesbury, Wiltshire. The word spread quickly among the local home-owners over tea-tables and pub counters: “Stuart is honest, reliable, affordable and does a superb job of building anything you require.”

Stuart believes the business has been so successful not only because of his ethos of putting the customer first, but also because he provides such a diverse mix of building services and is happy to take on any size building project.

Word has now spread even further afield and he’s kept busy around Cirencester, Bath, Swindon and West Wiltshire with a variety of projects ranging from building extensions to home decorating. Happy clients keep coming back for more, and their loyalty is greatly valued by Stuart.

Stuart is particularly fond of old properties, and intent on working on them sympathetically, understanding as he does the nature of traditional building practices. Another of his passions is working with wood, whether it be putting up a fence or laying hardwood flooring.

This talented and multi-skilled builder enjoys renovation and has a good eye for what works well in kitchen and bathroom refurbishments. He’s always happy to dispense free advice to his clients, drawing on his knowledge and experience. Want something quirky or unusual? Stuart sees that as a challenge and will be keen to make it happen.

When necessary Stuart works amiably with other trades people and is happy to undertake project direction.

You can confidently put your home improvements in the hands of Stuart Pitman Builders. He’ll do you proud.

Give Stuart a call on 07763 279 534 to arrange an appointment to discuss your building project.